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Water Proofing

Many basements and underground cellars contain damp walls, which can stop the area of the property from being functional and can cause water to travel onto internal wall surfaces. Dampness is often a common problem, as walls are subjected to water ingress and penetrating dampness if they are situated below the ground level with no further damp protection. In order to treat this type of dampness, it will be necessary to introduce a waterproofing and tanking system. It is important that you choose the right damp specialists to ensure that the best technique is used to resolve the dampness and prevent it from re-occurring. At Propotec, we have extensive experience in undertaking waterproofing and tanking so you can be confident that your damp problem will be treated correctly and effectively.

The common methods for damp proofing basement walls are as follows: -

Cavity Drain Tanking Membrane

These membranes are used as a barrier to prevent water entering the structure whilst still allowing the structure to breathe. Cavity drain tanking membranes contain small air cavities to assist in air circulation and drainage.

Structural waterproofing

Tanking render is used to create a waterproof barrier, resisting external hydrostatic water pressure.

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