Propotec – Assured Damp Proofing in Suffolk Solutions for a Wealth of Environments

Around 5 million homes are classed as being in a state of ‘substantial disrepair.’ That’s 21% of all the property in the UK. Wet and dry rot accounts for a significant portion of the homes in substantial disrepair in Suffolk – and across the whole of the UK.

Servicing clients across Suffolk and the surrounding area, Propotec is one of the foremost wet and dry rot specialists in Suffolk. Our treatment has been trusted by clients who acknowledge that we have the expertise to completely eradicate even the most persistent wet and dry rot issues by homeowners.

With one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe, it should come as little surprise that many homes across Suffolk – and in every county in the UK – suffer from poor insulation and insufficient ventilation. This leads to a build-up of moisture in the air, something that can have a very detrimental effect on property of all descriptions. If not properly treated, the result is that an increasing amount of homeowners requiring services in waterproofing and tanking in Suffolk – and throughout the UK.

Despite the necessity of installing secure and durable damp proofing by damp specialists in Suffolk since 1875, it’s not uncommon for homes to fall victim to penetrating dampness over a prolonged period. Defective damp courses break down over time, causing damp and wet rot to creep into properties. If left untreated, this can cause a great deal of damage, not only to your property but, your health. If you spot evidence of damp in your home, you need to immediately contact an experienced and knowledgeable damp proofing in Suffolk business.

Penetrating damp is a symptomatic of homes that suffer through walls. This type of damp can penetrate across your walls or ceiling. Whereas rising damp will appear vertically, penetrating damp will appear as horizontal streaks. Pipe leaks or areas under the sink, bath or showers are particularly susceptible to penetrating damp.

Over time, penetrating damp can cause structural problems in your home. This will manifest as cracks in the walls or see guttering or roofing begin to fail. Damp patches on your walls and ceilings will appear and may darken when it rains.

Propotec has expert knowledge of identifying and treating penetrating damp in the home. We offer tailored solutions to homes across Suffolk. If you are choosing to coat the external brickwork in a silicone-based water repellent we can advise and carry out the right treatment to stop penetrating damp further damaging your home.

As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable water proofing and tanking in Suffolk experts, we’re happy to provide you with a comprehensive home damp survey. This will ascertain if your home is suffering from penetrating damp. We will then advise you of the best solution, prevention and treatment.

To learn more about how we can help you resolve any penetrating or rising damp issues, or why we are considered the leading wet and dry rot specialists in Suffolk, call us today on: 0800 269422 or 01638 741377. You can also contact us online by filling out the contact form here.