Propotec Ltd - Damp Proofing in Norfolk

If you’re struggling with Norfolk damp proofing we can help. Having issues with dampness in your house can leave you living in uncomfortable surroundings; here at Propotec, we eradicate any signs of damp. Don’t put up with unsightly mould, stench and potential health hazards - We can offer services such as:

For domestic and commercial clients, many clients encounter mould problems that form in certain parts of the building due to the increase of dampness; by investing in our damp proofing in Norfolk you can cure all damp problems in your property. Our damp proofing specialists in Norfolk can detect and treat damp easily, by using a Damp Proof Course and silicone based chemicals we prevent any reoccurrence or spreading of rising damp and mould.

Wet and dry rot specialists in Norfolk

Dry rot is the most serious form of fungal decay in a property, this can go on to destroy other areas of wood and timber; causing expensive damage. Wet rot is more common but less serious as it only effects dampened timber that stays wet, this doesn’t spread.

Trust our wet and dry rot specialists in Norfolk to find a solution to either dry rot or wet rot in Norfolk, no matter how big or small, we can recommend the best course of action for each individual customer. We aim to give you a fast and affordable wet and dry rot treatment in Norfolk by finding and controlling the source of moisture causing the invasive rot.

Water proofing and tanking in Norfolk

The damp walls of cellars can lead to problems in your property as water spreads to the internal wall surface. Whether you want to protect your house from damp and water ingress or want to convert your old basement into a liveable room, you can rely on our water proofing and tanking services in Norfolk to give you lasting results.

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If you require any information on our damp proofing services in Norfolk please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01638 741 377 and speak to one of our damp specialists today. If you prefer, you can contact us online or email us at for a prompt response on any damp proofing in Norfolk.